1. Organize and unite the garment workers.
  2. Formation of plant (factory) level unions and coordinate factory-based movements.
  3. Initiate and conduct countrywide campaign to fight for the betterment of garment workers.
  4. Support, cooperate and conduct factory based campaign and movements of the workers.
  5. Organize countrywide campaign for better wage structure for the garment workers.
  6. Lobbing with the Government, Civil Society and other stake-holders for the betterment of garment workers.
  7. Raising of awareness among garment workers.
  8. Organizing training and education programs for the garment workers and organizers.
  9. Conducting special training and education programs for the women workers.
  10. Providing legal aid to the members and garment workers.
  11. Publish workers magazines, newsletters and other materials for the garment workers in local and easy language.
  12. Cooperate with the unemployed and dismissed workers to get new jobs.
  13. Awareness building among workers on health and environment and provide health facilities to them.
  14. Organize meetings, rallies, processions, demonstrations, seminars and symposiums for the garment workers.
  15. Support and participate in the struggles of workers of other sectors for democratic rights and women emancipation.
  16. Actively participate in social trade unionism.
  17. Building solidarity with international trade unions, democratic and female struggles.