The NGWF continues to fight for the establishment of rights and improvement of life of the garment workers in Bangladesh from its very inception in 1984. During the last 35 years, the Organization and its allies operate activities, processions and campaigns in many major areas. The NGWF, during this period, observed many types of action programs, including a number of strikes. And in course it has some considerable achievements such as:

  1. Organizing and Uniting: The first area is to organize and uniting garment workers, who were unorganized and weak. Due to relentless efforts, the NGWF became successful in organizing and uniting a considerable number of workers and it has emerged as the largest organization of the RMG sector in the country.
  2. Legal Documents for the Workers: The second was launching movements to force the factory owners and management to provide legal rights to the workers such as introduction of appointment or contract letter, ID card and service book. As a result of the campaign, a number of factories providing appointment or contract letters to the workers, giving ID cards.
  3. Regularities in monthly payment: NGWF organized campaigns and a lot of actions for monthly payment regularly and in time (within 7th of the next month). Because of these activities now most of the management of the factories are now paying wages within 7th of the next month.
  4. Introducing Weekly Holiday and other Holidays: NGWF organized a lot of action of movements for the implementation weekly holiday and other holidays. Now many of the factories are abiding by the law and implemented holidays.
  5. Implementation of May Day as Paid Holiday: Earlier May Day was not considered as holiday in RMG sector. Because of NGWF campaigns and activities May Day Holiday is
    effectively implemented in the RMG sector.
  6. Wage Board and Wage Increase: Earlier there was no Minimum Wage Board for the
    garment workers. Different factories were paying according to their own choice. NGWF
    organized campaigns and put pressure on the government as well as owners’ association. As
    a result Minimum
    Wage Board for
    the RMG workers
    was formed.
    NGWF also playing
    important role in
    fix up minimum
    wage for different
    grades of


  7. Festival
    Bonus: Earlier
    festival bonus was not following in the garment sector. NGWF did a lot to realize festival
    bonus, sometimes in its own way, sometimes jointly with others. As a result now it is almost
    8. Safe Workplace: Expiring of garment workers in Fire Incident or conflagration was one
    of the major issues of safe workplace campaign. NGWF organized and till organizing
    campaigns for safe workplace and congenial working atmosphere. As a result of this
    campaign, management of many factories stop locking factory gate, constructed emergency
    exit way and had arranged fire-drill to avert tragic accident.
    9. Gender discrimination and harassment: From the beginning NGWF got involved to
    address gender discrimination, harassment and to achieve gender equality. And now
    common people & workers raise their voice against gender discrimination, which is deep-
    rooted in the society. The law of the country now forbids gender discrimination in terms of
    wages and gender equality. The NGWF will continue its fight for gender equality.

    10. Maternity Leave: NGWF organized various activities to introduce maternity leave for
    female workers. Taking long time to achieve some of the factories are providing maternity
    leave now.
    11. Responsibility of the MNC’s (Brands): NGWF became successful to bring at least
    some of the MNCs to share responsibilities with the local factories in the cases of fire,
    workers death and other emergency needs.
    12. Fair Wage Fair Trade: NGWF is very much keen that fair wage related fair
    trade/price. MNCs/Brands are always depriving the manufacturers’ countries from the fair
    price of the products. NGWF raised this to ensure Fair Trade.
    13. Union Formation and Registration in 2021: NGWF formed 7 new unions in 2021
    and accordingly geo registration from Labour Department. Now total unions under NGWF
    are 81 on January -2021.
    14. Training and Capacity Building: In 2021 a total of 31 training /capacity building
    sessions have been conducted by NGWF and covered 1,219 participants (among them 730
    female and 489 male) on General Membership, Women Leadership and Leadership.