10 years of Rana Plaza Workers Killing

10 years of Rana Plaza Workers Killing

Victims of Rana Plaza and the National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF)

Tributes and Flags are at Half-Mast

Demand to declare ‘Rana Plaza Day’ as the Nationaday Mourning Day

10 years of Rana Plaza workers killing. 1138 garment workers of 5 garment factories in Rana Plaza were killed that day, 2500 were seriously injured. Hundreds of children lose their parents. Many injured workers are crippled. Many injured workers are still unable to work. They are living an inhuman life.

Rana Plaza Victims and National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF) today, April 24, 2023, at 10 am organized a rally and tributes were paid at Rana Plaza Shaheed Bedi, Savar, Dhaka. At this time, more than half a hundred flags of the Federation were lowered to Half-Mast in honor of the dead and injured.

 Mr. Amirul Haque Amin, President of the Federation (NGWF) addressed very briefly. Central Leaderof the NGWF: Faridul Islam, Ms.Sweety Sultana, Md. Zahid and Victims of the Rana Plaza: Orphans – Vijay, Parvez, Nihan, Injured – Miss Nilufa, Mrs. Anju Ara, Widdow – Mrs. Lovely, Mrs.Hosne Ara and more than other 50 victims were present.

 31 buyers were associated with 5 factories of the Rana Plaza. Out of 31, 19 buyers contributed and 12 buyers did not contribute the victims – although they are doing their business in Bangladesh without any obstacles.


1. Rana Plaza Day (April 24) must be declared as a National Mourning Day.

2. From the next year, all including Head of Government of the country/ her representative, BGMEA-BKMEA, Bangladesh Buyers Forum, Accord, RSC should pay respect on Rana Plaza Day.

3. The 12 buyers who did not contributed must immediately contributes cooperate and apologize unconditionally otherwise theyhave to face a campaign against them  locally and internationally ( including boycott their product ).

4. The victims of Rana Plaza should continue to receive necessary assistance, treatment and provide rehabilitation.

5. Bail of Rana Plaza owner Sohail Rana must cancel and exemplary punishment should be given to all those responsible including Sohel Rana, Owners of 5 factories and others.

6. All active Brands in Bangladesh must sign the Accord.

7. All active Brands in Bangladesh have to participate in the EIS.

8. Progress on “Safe workplace” must continue and have to cover the non brands, small and medium RMG factories.

9. Workers must be guaranteed a living wage and improved the living standard.

10. Three fundamental rights – Rights to Organize, Rights to Bargain and Rights to Strike must need to ensure without any written or unwritten barriers.

11. All forms of harassment and discrimination against women workers including sexual harassment must end.

12. Buyers should change their Buying Practices – Buying Practice must need to be, Transparent, Rational and Fair.

13. Trade Union rights need to ensure the EPZ and EEZ workers .

14. ILO Convention-190 should be signed.

15. In front of Rana Plaza government have to build a Monument in honour of the victims and a modern hospital for the RMG workers should eastablish in the Rana Plaza premises.

Next programs:

1. May 1 Great “May Day” celebration.

2. Human Chain with Rana Plaza victim in front of the High Court demanding cancellation of bail of Sohail Rana on May 8.

3. Garment Workers Human Chain to sign the accord for all active brands in Bangladesh.

4. Black Flag Rally against 12 Brands (who did not contributed the victims of the Rana Plaza).

Post & Picture: Riyad Hossain, Dhaka, Bangladesh.