A Red Flag Protest Rally Held Against Unlawful Close Declaration with Illegal Termination of Workers at Haesong Koria

A Red Flag Protest Rally Held Against Unlawful Close Declaration with Illegal Termination of Workers at Haesong  Koria

 On March 16, 2018, Friday, at 11.30 am, In front of the National Press Club, Hesong’s workers were held in a procession rally against Korean-owned Haesong Corporation Ltd. (Garments) located in , Kathgara, Ashulia, Zirabo. And it was to protest unlawful close declaration , illegal termination of  27 workers and breaking the commitment made by owners regarding wages.

Presided over by the President of the Federation, Mr. Amirul Haque Amin: Vice President of  Federation Ms. Shafia Parvin, Md. Fakhrur Khan, Kabir Hossain, Vice-General Secretary Md. Faridul Islam, Organizing Secretary Rafiqul Islam Rafiq, Nasima Akhter and Haesong’s terminated  Workers Mohammad Hasan, Md. Sajul, Zakir, Sabuj and Jahangir Hossain also present and gave speech.

The speakers alleged that in the context of the incident of protest against job lost of 27 workers and commitment break of owner, Korean-owned Hesang Corporation Ltd located in Kathgara , Ashulia, Jirabo suddenly stopped the factory on March 14 and put the workers in danger. Industry police blindly collaborates with this illegal activity. On the other hand, these innocent workers  were attacked by the owners’ tenant rogue

Note: (1) In this factory, the workers of the National Garment Workers Federation have started the process of forming a union. To prevent the formation of the union, the management made many types of evil plot and finally closed  the factory.
(2) This factory buyers are : INDITEX, H & M, VARNER GROUP.

Haesong Korea Workers Claims:
1. The factory will be opened immediately.
2. Terminated workers must be re-employed in jobs.
3. Before the owner, the promised placements should be paid daily for the lowest amount.
4. All vicious move against  to form a union must be stopped.
5. Must stop harassment, torture and intimidation towards workers.

The speakers urged the government, BGMEA, Buyer and all concerned to reopen the factory immediately and to reinstate the job of the terminated workers and to eliminate all the barriers to the formation of the union.

(Amirul Haque Amin), President, Mobile-01731201302