Thousand workers observe hunger strike calling the international community to stop trade concession to Myanmar & resolve Rohngya crisis immediately

Over a thousand workers have observed an hour-long hunger strike today, Friday, December 15, 2017, at 10:30am in front of the National Press Club, in Dhaka city, with call to the international community to stop all kinds of trade concessions to Myanmar, immediate resolution of the Rohingya crisis, relieving Bangladesh from danger and protection of workers & labour-standard of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Trade Union Solidarity Committee for Rohingya (BTUSCR), formed with 12 trade union federations, organized the program.

The program was presided over by BTUSCR Coordinator labour leader Amirul Haque Amin. It was addressed by Joint Coordinators of the Committee M Delwar Hossain, Quamrul Hasan, Kazi Mohammad Ali, Ms Arifa Akter, Rafiqul Islam Babul, Ms Shamima Shirin, Ms Papiya Akter, Advocate Haider Ali, Faruque Khan, Rafiqul Islam Rafique, Ms Nasima Akter, Ms Kulsum Akter, Ms Sima Akter, Humayun Kabir and Fulbabu.
In the declaration of the program, it was announced that activity of Bangladesh Trade Union Solidarity Committee for Rohingya (BTUSCR) will continue till resolution of the Rohingya crisis.
Declaration of the hunger strike raised the demands mentioned bellow:

1. The rally expressed deep regard & gratitude to the Bangladesh government for providing shelter to over a million Rohingya refugees.
2. We demand immediate stopping genocide, raping & arson carried out against Rohingyas in Myanmar.
3. We demand to the Myanmar government to immediately start repatriation of 1-million Rohingya refu gees giving them full citizenship of Myanmar.
4. The rally urges all countries & communities, including Europe & USA, to take active role for safe repatriation of Rohingya refugees in Miyanmar.
5. The countries, including China & Russia, who are suffering from hesitations are requested to take step for Rohingyas leaving all hesitations.

6. All those countries, including Europe & USA, who are providing trade concessions to Myanmar are requested to suspend the facility if Myanmar does not resolve the Rohingya crisis immediately. 7. All multi-national companies, including brands & buyers, are requested to withdraw trade relation with Myanmar if it does not resolve the Rohingya crisis immediately.
8. All foreign investors are requested stop investment in Myanmar if it does not resolve the Rohingya crisis immediately.
9. The international community is urged to provide & continue assistance to 1-millio

n Rohingya refugees, who have taken shelter in Bangladesh.
10. All countries & communities, including international trade union organizations, human rights organizations, multi-national companies and development organizations are urged to keep vigil on possible consequences—financial & labour standard degeneration—in Bangladesh following possible illegal infiltration of 5 hundred thousand able Rohingyas in Bangladesh labour market if the crisis is not resolve immediately.

The program was followed by a procession that paraded important streets of Dhaka city.