Our Activities

  • Organize & unite the garment workers.
  • Formation of plant (factory) level unions & coordinate factory-based struggles. Member recruitment & formation of new union
  • Initiate & conduct countrywide campaign & fight for the betterment of garment workers. Mobilization (Rally, Procession, Press conference, Human chain, Sit-in Strike etc. against unfair labour practice and safe work place).
  • Organize countrywide campaign for better wage structure for the garment workers.
  • Lobbing with the government, civil society & other stake-holders for the betterment of garment workers.
  • Raising of awareness among garment workers on labour-right & human rights.
  • Organizing training & education programs for the garment workers & organizers. Awareness rising of member, workers and leaders through training, meeting & study circle etc.
  • Conducting special training & education programs for the women workers.
  • Conducting special training & education programs for the women workers.
  • Providing legal aid to the members & garment workers.
  • Publish workers magazine, newsletters & other materials for the garment workers in local & easy language.
  • Cooperate with the unemployed & dismissed workers to get new jobs.
  • Awareness building among workers on health & environment & provide health facilities to them.
  • Organize meetings, rallies, processions, demonstrations, seminars, & symposiums for the garment workers.
  • Support & participate in the struggles of workers of other sectors for democratic rights & women emancipation.
  • Building solidarity with international trade unions, democratic & female struggles.
  • Observance of important days, such as – May Day, Independence & Victory Days, International Women’s Day, International Mother Language Day, NGWF founding anniversary.