Garment Workers Human Chain for New Wage Board & Fixation for New Wage

Form the Garment Workers Minimum Wage Board
Fix the New Wage For Garment Workers Immediately

A garment workers human chain held on 05.08.2022, at 11:00 am in front of the National press
club demanding for immediate formation of new wage board for garment workers and fixation
of living wages of garment workers in line with present market rates.
Presided by Amirul Haque Amin, in this human chain speech given by central leaders: Mrs Arifa
Akter, Md Faruk Khan, Safia Parvin, Kabir Hossain, Rafikul Islam Rafik, Md Faridul Islam, Nasima
Akter, H.Rabiul Chowdhury etc.
Solidarity speech given by: Md Kamrul Hasan, General Secretary of Akota Garment Workers
Speakers said that, Garment is the largest industrial sector of Bangladesh, the minimum wage
was fixed in this sector for 4 years ago.
Last 4 years the cost of daily essential goods, house rent and cost of living have been increased
abnormally. But so far, no new wages have been fixed for garment workers yet. At present, the
life of garment workers is so difficult due to the price hiking. They are living such an inhuman
life with their families.
Speakers also said that, the minimum wage should be fix with the consideration of the price
hiking, the increase of the living cost, the national per capita income, the poverty line, the
wages of the workers in the neighboring countries, salary scale of the government employees
etc. They strongly demanded on formation a new wage board for garment workers.
And in this regard, the trade unions and all concerned are called to play a responsible role.

Amirul Haque Amin