May Day Program of NGWF

May Day Program of NGWF

May Day Program of NGWF 


National Garment Worker Federation (NGWF) organized May Day Program on 30th April, Prior to 1st May in intention to highlight some of the very important issues and message of May Day that should come up in the discussion and consideration of 1st May. 

Garment Workers’ May Day -2018 Welcome Rally

April 30, Monday, 05.00 PM, National Press Club

Chief Guest: Comrade Rashed Khan Menon, MP, Honorable Minister, Ministry of Social Welfare.

Special Guest: Mr. Shajahan Khan, MP, Honorable Minister, Ministry of Shipping.

              Guest: Md. Quamrul Ahsan, President, Jatiyo Sromik Federation.

                          : Md. Syed Sultan Uddin Ahmmed, Executive Director, BILS.

Chair: Amirul Haque Amin, President, National Garment workers federation (NGWF).

Welcome Speech: Mrs. Arifa Akter, General Secretary- National Garment workers federation (NGWF)

Anchor: Mrs. Nasima Akter and Md. Rafiqul Islam Rafique.

Solidarity Speech: Mr. Sabbaha Ali Khan Colince, President, Youth Unity of Bangladesh (YUB).

Key Issues and Demands:

  1. Workers are not Machine but human, they also need Rest and Recreation.
  2. Ensure 8 Hours work, 8 Hours Rest, 8 hours of Recreation.
  3. Living wage of workers with family must be determined against of 8 hours work.
  4. Declare minimum wage BDT. 16,000.
  5. Stop fire, accident and the death of the worker………… Ensure safe and improved working environment.
  6. Remove all the barriers to the formation of trade union.
  7. For All the private sector including garments, immediately announce and implement the Maternity leave 6 months like the public sector.
  8. Want special allocation for Garment Workers Rationing, Safe Maternity Center, Child Care Center and for Residence at National Budget.
  9. Ensure the rights of trade union of EPZ, SEZ, Agriculture and Domestic Workers.
  10. Ensure equal rights of women in the family, state, society and workplace.
  11. The state,Government and The business owner should consider every workers as a human, not machine.
  12. We want Recognition and National Paid Holiday of 1st May in Whole America (Because it is the Birthplace of May Day).

After the gathering thousands of workers participated the rally with National Flag, Red flag and wearing a cap with welcome notes for May Day.

(Amirul Haque Amin)
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