Garment Workers’ May Day -2018 Welcome Rally- April 30, 2018

Garment Workers’ May Day -2018 Welcome Rally- April 30, 2018

Date: 28.04.2018

Garment Workers’ May Day -2018 Welcome Rally- April 30, 2018

Subject: Invitation

Dear Honorable,

We are going to celebrate the 132nd Anniversary of the great May Day.

But it is unfortunate

  • Those who gave life to the creation of the Day of May Day, Most of the workers and leaders do not even know about them, do not remember.
  • The main consciousness of May Day: 8 Hours work, 8 Hours Rest, 8 hours Recreation…………. we are far away.
  • Workers are not machine but human, they need rest and recreation.
  • Not 12 or 14 hours………Living wage for workers must determine against 8 hours and its must cover the living standards of the family.
  • Bangladesh Garments Industry is now called modern slavery.
  • The workers are not considered as human being as well as their need of rest and recreation ignored by The State and The Government.
  • Owners consider workers only for production and profit rather workers rest and recreation.

The most unfortunate thing is that May Day is not celebrated in the United States of America, though the birth of May Day is in America.

National Garment Workers Federation will hold a May Day program to highlight these important issues on May Day and bring it as a matter of discussion.

Garment Workers’ May Day Welcome Rally and gathering

Prior to May Day, April 30, Monday, 05.00 PM, In Front of National Press Club

Chief Guest: Comrade Rashed Khan Menon, MP, Honorable Minister, Ministry of Social Welfare.

Special Guest: Mr. Shajahan Khan, MP, Honorable Minister, Ministry of Shipping.


In the rally Thousands of garment workers will participate with the Bangladeshi flag and red flag as symbol of working class.

Please Try to Cover.


(Amirul Haque Amin)
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