Alighting Beacons by Rana Plaza Orphans held

Alighting Beacons by Rana Plaza Orphans held

Date: 24.04.2018

5th Anniversary of Rana Plaza

Alighting Beacons by Rana Plaza Orphans held

The demand for continuing all the ongoing process of creating a safe workplace for all workers at any cost

National Garment Workers Federation

National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF) and Orphan children, who lost both or either of their parents in Rana Plaza collapse, members of dead workers family & victims demanded to continue and for doing all ongoing activities more dynamic including ACCORD, Alliance, N.A.P. So that Rana Plaza Tazrin never happen again.They demanded these to all Buyers those purchasing from Bangladesh, Bangladesh Government, BGMEA and all Business Community.

April 24, 2018 on the occasion of 5th anniversary of Rana Plaza Collapse, they demand and urged from“ALIGHTING BEACONS BY RANA PLAZA ORPHANS” in front of National Press club organized with initiative of National Garment Worker Federation. Note that, On April 24, 2013 in the same day 1,138 Garment Workers were died and 2,500 were injured on the day of Rana Plaza collapse. Earlier 136 workers were killed and 150 injured in Tazrin fires on November 24, 2012.
They urged all concerned to provide assistance, rehabilitation and long-term treatment of the injured to all the victims of his Rana Plaza and Tazrin.

Other Important demands highlighted from the program

  1. Start Employment injury protection Scheme for all the vulnerable sector workers including Garment workers of Bangladesh.
  2. New Compensation Act in the light of ILO Convention 121with adding more money for Pain and Sufferings.
  3. Adding section in Labor law for long-term rehabilitation measures for injured workers and victims.
  4. Ensure Safe Workplace for garment workers at any cost.
  5. Ensure the rights of Trade Union for Garment Workers according to ILO convention 87 and 98.
  6. Immediately stop all anti trade union activities.
  7. Ensure a wage for the workers to live well with the family.
  8. Stop modern labor slavery in the name of compulsory overtime.
  9. Start full rationing for garment workers of Bangladesh.
  10. Special Cell Formation for assistance, treatment and rehabilitation of the injured to all the victims of his Rana Plaza and Tazrin.

Presided over by the President of the Federation, Mr. Amirul Haque Amin: Central leaders Arifa Aktar, Ms Safia Parvin, Mohammad Faruque Khan, Kabir Hossain, Rafiqul Islam Rafiq gave speech. Orphan childrens of Rana Plaza collapse also gave speech.

Solidarity speech given by: at the program included General Secretary of Youth Alliance Sabbah Ali Khan Collins, President of Students Alliance Abul Kalam Azad, General Secretary of Ekota Garment Workers Federation Kamrul Hasan & General Secretary of Bangladesh Garment Sramik Sanghati Federation Ms Smrity Aktar (Shahida).

Secretary General of IndustriALL Bangladesh Council (IBC) Md.Towhidur Rahman, Coordinator of  Uni Global Bangladesh Committee Md. Mostafa Kamal, Program Coordinator  Md. Rafiqul Islam and Finance Secretary Md. Salauddin Shapan from IBC.

Asian Coordinator of WSM Bruno Deceukelier and representative of CCC Jose Luis also expressed their solidarity.